Digitalization, 3D content creation

We offer full scope of services in the field of digitization and the creation of 3D content using RevoScan devices . Thanks to automated acquisition and image processing visualisations has never been made so fast and at so low cost. We capture images in own professional photo studio. Depending on the type of object we use continuous or flash lighting. For larger projects or valuable objects we move digitization studio to clients premises .

RevoScan PRO device

RevoScan Pro is a powerful tool for the most demanding applications. With modular construction and different operating modes enables the capture objects placed on the rotary table, hanging on the walls or lying flat. Digitization and creation of photorealistic 3D models has never been so easy and quick.

RevoScan PRO offers almost unlimited possibilities to adjust capture process to the specification of the object. Control Panel is a user-friendly application for designing and controlling all capture process, starting from camera parameters up to camera movement trajectory, immediate verification of the quality of captured material and manual control of camera position when necessary.

RevoScan Pro offers an excellent color reproduction thanks to color calibration procedures

RevoScan Pro creates 3D models in real scale with unparalleled detail level.

Photo sets

By default RevoScan is equipped with professional Nikon cameras:

  • Nikon D800, Nikon D810 body
  • 28 mm / 35 mm / 50 mm / 85 mm / 105 mm fixed focal length lenses

Configuration according the needs of the customer provides comfort and excellent results for objects of all sizes.

On request, we can customize RevoScan device to work with most commercially available SLR or medium format cameras.