For advertising

  • RevoScan is a perfect tool for creating 3D advertisement content
  • RevoScan creates high quality spherical photographic presentation automatically
  • Excellent image resolution and ability of 2-axis rotation meets demands of every customer
  • Captured material allows to create photorealistic 3D models at any time

For game designers

  • RevoScan and modeling software is an extraordinary tool for fast moving real objects into virtual reality.
  • RevoScan minimises manual work to create photorealistic 3D models of different kinds of objects for the game universe.
  • Thanks to the automatic acquisition of images and automatic background separation reduces costs and speeds up acquisition of 3D models.

For museums

  • RevoScan is an ideal tool for 3D digitalization of heritage collections.
  • Dedicated tools and modules allow digitization with accordance to the best practices of digitization of historical objects.
  • RevoScan stores descriptive metadata of the object meeting the requirements of the museums.
  • RevoScan incorporates real time color calibration module providing accurate color reproduction.
  • RevoScan provides submilimeter accuracy of acquired 3D models, thanks to which the final product is a perfect digital copy of the original.